Types and How Much They Cost of Rooms in Samoa

You’ll locate fairly easily Samoa to become one of the least expensive holiday destinations within the Off-shore Islands. You can spend much less by visiting Samoa than Tahiti or Hawaii. Hotels in Samoa generally focus on major charge card holders and are recognized to accept traveler’s check. There’s also numerous atms and banks that you might use. The currency used in the united states may be the Samoan Tala.

Like the majority of the Off-shore Islands, Samoa is extremely happy with its pristine beaches and dark blue waters, so many of their best hotels can be found across the shores and beach coves. An excellent hotel in Samoa provides you with various kinds of rooms having a view. Listed here are the best value rooms in Apia Samoa.

Standard Rooms

Fundamental standard room rates will need you to covering out around $250 to $550 every night. The cost may have factors like the view from the window, the furnishings, and gentleness or size your bunk beds. Standard rooms are often furnished using their own TV, bed, table, and closet. Hotels which are rated three stars are needed to possess standard rooms having a bath.

Luxurious Rooms

Luxurious rooms tend to be more costly than standard rooms and may cost $600 up to $800 every night. Even though it is more expensive, you may expect punctuality and courtesy in the hotel’s service personnel. Improvement in the cost range will spell provision of various levels of luxury. Besides the better amenities, luxurious rooms will also be significantly bigger than standard rooms.

Luxurious rooms are put within the high ranks when speaking about rooms in hotels. A Samoa hotel may call its luxurious rooms as studios, apartments, or suites. Some luxurious rooms consist in excess of one room. Your accommodation might have individual bedrooms, kitchen, dining area, and family room, amongst others.


Although suites are thought luxurious rooms, the specificity that they are made provides them a category that belongs to them. You will find three various kinds of suites in Samoa hotels: junior, standard, and also the super suite. Remaining in a super suite will set you back $900 upwards. A presidential suite or executive suite is recognized as an excellent suite.

Aside from the daily cost, Samoa hotels may also charge an additional $70 per night for every extra person who will stay in the room. This is rightly so as you and your companions will anyhow wake up to a wonderful Samoan sunrise.

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