The Ideas of Dog Kennel Flooring

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There are some dog kennel flooring ideas as you can use to make a safe and comfortable kennel for your beloved pet

Some dos live inside the family house. But still the homeowner needs to make them stay outside for extended periods. In order to provide them comfortable and safe place to shelter, the owner need to make kennel with proper attention and protection elements. Otherwise, a kennel can be miserable place that not fit for your dog. Creating a kennel, the other important element beside walls is the floor. Dog kennel flooring can be made from wide array of materials, though material like concrete, dirt, and gravel are the most common use for kennel. The kennel also needs waterproof and overheating resistant flooring for your dog feet.

There are some dog kennels flooring ideas that you can use to build fancy yet comfortable kennel for your dog. Have you ever heard about plastic flooring? Plastic flooring is available in few forms, like planks, sheets, tile and other units. Plastic floor is lightweight, cheap and easy to arrange. Moreover this is waterproof, so this one is mold and stain resistant material. Natural surface is other dog kennel flooring ideas. The natural materials like rubber or bamboo mats are comfortable and safe for the dog, especially over surface like concrete. The flooring is easy to clean as well. You can shop the rubber in regular mats store and buy the large rubber doormats like you use in you do not need to grab commercial mats designed for dog. Just ensure that the materials are dense, thick and strong enough to endure the chewing. You can replace the worn out mats and replace it with the new ones.

Dog kennels flooring ideas

Dog kennel flooring using concrete is idea ideal kennel. It is durable, easy to clean and neat. However this is uncomfortable for dog. Concrete will heat and cool with the weather condition. The hard surface is indeed hard bed for dog to lie down. Fix the problem by pouring the concrete pad, so it will slope slightly. You can add rubber mat or other padded surface to give your dog’s comfort. Another alternative is making a partial floor of concrete between. To help alleviate the temperature extremes, add cover like Irish moss or elfin thyme.

Whatever your choice will be just make sure to build comfortable kennel for your dog health and happiness sake. The HSUS recommends for homeowner never use wire grid as any part of the dog kennel flooring ideas, because this is uncomfortable, unsafe and unsanitary. The grid can lead numerous mental and physical problems to your dog.

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